ellison au:

↳ After moving in Mystic Falls, Allison Argent wasn’t sure what to expect from the small town . But when she meets Elena Gilbert things start to change. Elena is popular , a cheerleader party girl, fun and compelling. The more time she spends with the brunette, the more she falls for her. Days go by , the girls become even closer. It’s a cold night , when they are walking home when Allison brings up the party after a couple of days. They are both eager to go. Nothing unusual for them. The date is the same as the one when Elena’s family dinners together ,but Allison convinces her to bail. Elena of course agrees but decides to leave early. Allison hugs her goodbye,but there is a pit in her stomach. A feeling that something is not quite right. She shakes it off , continues to dance and have fun. A couple of hours later , when they contact her on the phone, about the accident that happened with Elena and her parents while driving home , she finally places the things together. She runs into the hospital and sees her. Pale, sleeping, calm. But she doesn’t know what Allison knows. She doesn’t know that a couple of hours later she is going to wake up and find out she is all alone,that her parents are gone. A sob escapes Allison’s lips. If she didn’t make Elena go to that party her family would still be alive. It’s all her fault. So she takes a deep breath and runs. Runs away. Because she is weak. Weak because she can not handle the thought of Elena,the girl she loves the most, hating her.